Further Career Education & Certifications

Becoming certified in your area of expertise or a new area of expertise can help you use your new credentials as evidence to a Swiss company of your skills.

Business Certifications

  • ErwachsenenBildung: Listing site with hundreds of courses offered by a variety of schools on a variety of topics, serving many locations across Switzerland.
  • AKAD: Wherever you are, whatever you want to achieve professionally, at AKAD you can find the training you need to advance. For 50 years, AKAD stands for high quality of education. The AKAD method adapts the training and continuing education to your personal circumstances.
  • University of Zurich Weiterbuildung: Focus on further education in scientific and research fields.

Further Education

  • Summer Schools in EuropeSummer Schools in Europe.eu is the perfect starting point to explore Europe, a continent of great diversity of place, culture and identity by taking courses locally in Switzerland or abroad in nearby countries.

Getting Your Education Swiss-Certified: University degree requirements can vary significantly from country to country. It is helpful get your degree(s) certified as equivalent to a Swiss degree so Swiss authorities know what level you’ve already completed and at  which level you are eligible to move forward.

  • There are several agencies in Switzerland that are responsible for the recognition of foreign qualifications. It is the qualification itself that determines which agency to contact. Start with this websiteto see who regulates your degree.
  • Rektorenkonferenz der Schweizer Universitäten (CRUS) is an organization that can review your non-regulated academic records and compare them to an equivalent degree program in Switzerland, provided your study is in a non-regulated profession. Please visit their FAQ page for any further questions or visit their contact page to speak with a representative.

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