New Book: The Expat Jobseeker’s Guidebook To Switzerland

Great new resources keep popping up for job seekers here in Switzerland! The new book The Expat Jobseeker’s Guidebook To Switzerland, published in September 2012 by Tomasz Meissner, answers questions like:

•  Am I entitled to work in Switzerland?

•  How do I go about finding a job? Where should I start looking?

•  How could I possibly network in a country where I don’t know anybody?

•  Are my professional qualifications recognized in Switzerland?

•  What can I expect in a local contract and what are my entitlements and legal rights?

•  What should my gross salary be, and how much will I keep in my pocket?

•  Should I adjust my behavior in acknowledgment of cultural differences?

•  Should my job resume be any different than back home?

We here at Getting Busy haven’t read it yet and so cannot endorse it but would love to know your thoughts. Click here to read a preview of the book or here to learn more about how to purchase it, then leave us a comment below and let other fellow job seekers know if they could benefit from it as well!


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