Entrepreneur Networks

Multiple Locations

  • StartUps.ch: A platform for people interested in starting up a business. It provides detailed information on how to form a company and affords the opportunity to start up a business online and for free.

German-Speaking Region

  • The HUB (Zurich): The HUB was founded to address a lack of collaboration and support structures to help make good ideas happen. They create spaces that combine best of a trusted community, innovation lab, business incubator and the comforts of home. Our ambition is to become a global network of connected communities that enable collaborative ventures for a better world.
  • Pioneers’ Club (Zurich): This non-profit organization was created in order to promote exchange of experience and expertise between young and established entrepreneurs alike. Focusing on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the PCU provides Pioneers with a valuable, international and industry-wide network with above-average potential. This exclusive networking platform gives Pioneers the opportunity to meet each other at events or on the PCU Community Platform, to expand their personal network in a targeted way and to take advantage of the diverse entrepreneurial services offered by the PCU.
  • The Zurich Entrepreneur MeetUp Group The goal of this group is to open up the entrepreneurial community, giving people a friendly and casual way to network, share ideas, and help each other succeed. There is no pressure or prejudice here, just a group of people who share a belief in the power of free enterprise, and who enjoy having a good chat with like-minded others.
  • The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) (Zurich)-  A dynamic, global network of more than 8,000 business owners in 40 countries. EO is the catalyst that enables entrepreneurs to learn and grow from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.very entrepreneur’s continued path to success is different and the benefits of EO membership reflect that diversity. We have tools to help you solve business challenges, learn in different ways, network locally or globally, and much more. Explore our range of exclusive benefits

French-Speaking Region

  • Les petits déjeuners des PME (Lausanne):  Organized by the Department of Economic Development and Trade (SPECO) in collaboration with partners in the economic promotion of the canton of Vaud. They normally take place once a month in various facilities provided by the partners.