Local Charities

Take a look at these Swiss charities to see how you can get involved locally in your community.

Multiple Locations

  • Benevol: Variety of Skills Needed. (German Often Required) Benevol is the Swiss job listing website for volunteer opportunities. List provides a variety of volunteer possibilities with different organizations in different locations across Switzerland.
  • Rote Kreuz (Red Cross)*: Variety of Skills Needed. (German Sometimes Required) 
  • Caritas: Run a language course for migrants, help a farming family with the harvest, or stack shelves in the Caritas Market: Caritas Switzerland and the regional Caritas organisations offer various opportunities for volunteering:


  • Zurich Freiwillig: Variety of Skills Needed. (German Sometimes Required) An online listing of volunteer opportunities.
  • TIXI: Drivers Needed.  (Moderate German Required) TIXI Zurich is a non-profit, politically and denominationally neutral association that is ZEWO certified. TIXI Zurich operates a car service for all people with disabilities who can not use public transport without assistance. There are no restrictions such as age, income and asset limits. To qualify to volunteer as a TIXI-driving, you need a category B driving license and a willingness to take on two shifts of five hours per month.
  • Nachbarschaftshilfe (Neighborhood help): Great resource for links to local organizations in your area where you can volunteer, including with Seniors, Youth, and Faith communities.


  • NachbarNET: Connects people who are able and willing to offer help and support to other people in their neighborhood who need assistance.
  • skillharbour: The skill sharing platform you can publish your own skills and exchange them with other members for free.You can also post a need and get help from other members. You swap with your time, i.e. skillhours, and your engagement, there is no money involved.

Special Note: If you see an organization above with a *, it means it’s certified by the The Swiss Social Work Certificate, a tool to recognize the hard work of the volunteering you’ve done. This is great if you’re looking to fill time while searching for a job!

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